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Hi,I have a Outboudn Diler installed and every thing seems to be fine. The PG & Pim are active.I am building a query and tryign toe import the phone numbers in tot eh database. For some reason, it does not look like it is importing anything.Can some ...

ciscogini by Enthusiast
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With IPCC Express Standard 4.0(5) is there a way to force the Desktop agent to start in Stealth mode? I have seen posts to change this information in workflow on the Desktop Administrator, but I do not have the workflow option in IPCC Express Standa...

bskemme by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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After installation IPCC worked fine but now when i open http://ip CM/appadmin the page cannot be displayed. Can i fix it or do i have to reinstalle IPCC. Can i reinstall IPCC over the existing installation without loss of settings?

I've seen a couple co-workers download sample scripts off Cisco's web site, but can't seem to locate the URL. They tell me it's the script repository, but when I download that, I only get two .aef files. My specific purpose is to understand all the...

I have a menu step with max retires set as 2 and a GoTo step in the time out branch. After the first try the system plays "Are you Still there" before looping back to the start of the menu. how to do stop the system playing this promptthanks

jamjam200 by Beginner
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I am looking for a report which shows how many calls were answered by a live person before entering the queue. My call flow basically involves Unity answering the call, playing a brief message, then sending to the CTI RP for the IPCC script.Thanks

Hi,when purchasing CCM bundle we get IPCC express with it. i only need the part related to the Auto Attendant as the customer seeks to have his own script and question is how can i manage not to install all the components of the IPCC (as i...

twissam by Beginner
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2 Things:1. I am working on creating a custom report out of two canned historical reports, has anyone done this? If so what were your steps to a successful custom report?2. I am looking for a doc or something that has all the fields and where (what t...

ranpierce by Frequent Contributor
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