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Hi Everyone I have a problem with T38  fax with  using cisco vg 15.2 iOS , My current scenerio Fax server----fax modem---fxs---voice gawteway- PRI (This scenerio working as well ) but we want to migrate it FoIP  gateway without using PRI .My last to...

KY_ by Enthusiast
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Hello Friends, I appreciate if someone could help in understanding my questions below. We have a setup as IP Phone --> CUCM --> SIP TRUNK--> SME ---> SIP TRUNK --> CUBE 1. I know what is early offer but would like to know if it has be enabled t...

sanjaydev by Beginner
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Nov 26 11:17:32.279: TFTP: Looking for SIP001C58555388.cnfNov 26 11:17:32.279: TFTP: Opened flash:/SIP001C58555388.cnf, fd 10, size 1288 for process 78Nov 26 11:17:32.287: TFTP: Finished flash:/SIP001C58555388.cnf, time 00:00:00 for process 78

splifs_84 by Beginner
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Are there and What is best eligible tool ( in call manager 10.x) for troubleshooting about number matched in multiple route pattern? Does command "debug isdn q931" in Voice gateway can assist me? (Q931 is mostly used in my infrastructure) Any sugge...

solid_978 by Beginner
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Hello, I'm facing a situation where i want to transfer an incoming call using my second extension number, the process is bellow : Phone A ==> ext100 on phone B Phone B transfer call to Phone C using ext200 on Phone B actually it doesn't work for m...