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I'm having a difficult time getting a 7975 up and running with a 7916 (CM System version: The 7916 does not appear to be powering up at all.When I view the 7975's web interface, there is nothing listed in the Expansion Module fields ...

bobn by Level 1
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i need to upgrade cme 8.6 on 2911 router ( 512 ram / 256 flash ) to cme 10.5 to support cp-78xx what is the required ios needed and what is the cme configuration file needed to be uploaded to the new cme  help  with steps if you please

ra 011 by Level 1
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I am running into a problem with the current implementation of QSIG over SIP.  My deployment looks like this: CUCM 10.5 <== QSIG/SIP ==> Cisco 2951 <== QSIG/PRI-NI2 ==> Nortel C1000 <== PRI-NI2 ==> PSTN All incoming calls to Cisco work fine.  Calls f...

Hi Does anyone know how to remove the + from the incoming From header, or a way for using translation patterns to enable call back from the call history  Aug  6 10:38:18.738: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/SIP/Msg/ccsipDisplayMsg:Received:INVITE sip:442038199165@...