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I have a scenario where I can dial the DID on a 7841 phone dial the extension and both workFrom that phone user can dial my extension and that worksWhen that user tries to make an outbound call to an external number they get a fast busySite is using ...

ALIAOF_ by Frequent Contributor
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Resolved! CUBE HSRP

Hi, has anybody implemented HSRP with a CUBE pair? CUBE 1 is .1 and CUBE 2 is .2, HSRP is .3 Calls ingress from the ITSP to the public IP, natted to .3 but the CUBE tries to reply with .1 instead of the HSRP address. Is it possible to implement HSRP ...

Hi,We have a lot of 9971 phones installed.Everything is fine.Just one phone make calls involuntary,without any user,day or night,no matter.The phone has BLF buttons applied to phone and to ext. modules.The phone calls one by one all DNs,which is prog...

D_Lebedev by Participant
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