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cwms issue

Hey, Trying to install cwms on a UCS 220. Have plenty of resources. After deploying the ova and starting the Host its stuck from the last few hours. Attached is a screenshot. ThanksVR

Rajan R by Beginner
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Licence 10.5

Hii, I upgrade my cluster ( 1Pub and 1Sub) from 8.6.2 to 10.5 and after I migrate the licence I have  problems with the licence type and honestly I am confuse.Before the update I had 16.360 DLU.                                       11.667 Units Used...

gabiulici by Beginner
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CME SIP Intercom DN using *

I've read the guides on creating intercom extensions on CME, but I'm still a little fuzzy.I'd like any user to be able to dial another using the intercom with auto-mute off simply by dialing their normal extension and adding an asterisk. Is this poss...

b.gamble by Beginner
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Resolved! CP-7925G falla al conectarse a WLAN despues de firmware update.

Tengo cuatro telefonos CP-7925G nuevos, cuando los recibi, los configure para conectarse a la WLAN sin ningun problema.Logre registrarlos en un UC520 con version 8. Luego de instalar y configurar un BE6000 con version 10.5, tres de los cuatro 7925 se...