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Resolved! please give me a example configuration for Convert SIP Call to H.323!thanks!

topology:   cisco router (gk)  <---> cisco router 2911(gw) <---->The third-party sip server <---->The third-party sip ephone                                            (h323)                                   (sip) question:  The third-party sip cann...

No forwarding local calls

I configured no forwarding local in voice register global. But local calls will still be  forwardet to other extensions with this configuration. My aim is, that external calls will be forwarded to the service desk but internal calls should get an bus...

CME Transcoding for CUE

Hi AllI'm attempting to configure transcoding on a 2811 for the purpose of routing G729 calls from CUCM over a WAN to a CUE module. There was a time when I could do this sort of thing, but 8 months off work may have had more of an effect than I thoug...

Resolved! Exporting Configuration from Callmanager Version 6.x and Importing to CUCM version 10 (Partition & CSS)

Hi Experts,Is it possible to export configuration from CUCM version 6 and import to CUCM version 10.In particular I am trying to import Partition & CSS.I tried export import from CUCM 6.x to 10.x but it not accepting the .tar file. Does any one knows...

Callmanager IP

Hi, I have a callmanager 7.1.5 and the callmanager is configured with a hostname.DNS is configured correctly and the phone register correct.We want to remove the DNS, and this means we have to make the callmanager/phones independent from DNSCan I jus...

j.huizinga by Frequent Contributor
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Adding sccp phone to CME

I need to add two 7962 sccp phones to an existing CME.  after i create the ephone, and ephone-dn,  i have gone into telephony-service and entered the create-cnf files, but the phones still show as unregistered.  Am I missing something? ephone-dn  81 ...

Resolved! Delay Outbound through SIP Trunk

Hi there,When calling Outbound through a SIP trunk takes about 20 seconds. Inbound calls are going fine. I tried the following scenario's:IP Phone > CUCM > SIP Trunk > CUBE > SIP ProviderIP Phone > CUCM > H323 Gateway > CUBE > SIP ProviderI'm attacht...