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Resolved! FXS-TIME

hi I have a router 2901 cme 7.0 with FXS interface to which analog phones are connected, but I have a problem when I connect the phone to the fxs it does not take the time what should I do?

This seems like a silly problem to have. Whenever a new employee is onboarded if they are taking over a former employees extension then everyone the former employee has ever called retains that employees name as the caller ID and does not get the nam...

NewRobert by Level 1
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Hi,I have a dozen DIDs.We have 2 main lines at the reception. These 2 main lines are our old numbers we used to have since more than 15 years and now we are at a new location.So the area code of the old numbers are different from the area code of the...

Tazio4436 by Level 1
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Hello team, I try to configure rnis interface but when I use the "encapsulation ppp" command in BRI interface, I receive this message :encapsulation ppp not allowed on voice only interface some one can help me on this issue?Best regards

Isfds by Level 1
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