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Hello everyone, now I'm writing for a trouble with a telephone (cisco 7911)The equipment was working perfectly but suddenly one day it turned off. I though it was because of the PoE and connected an AC adapter, but nothing happened. The leds blinks f...

I am running CME 9.1 with CUE 8.6.6. I'm having a problem with a huntgroup and email.I have an extension, 8256, that is published and cannot be changed for our Maintenance Shop. In this shop I have 5 phones and one SIP device that I use as a night ri...

Hello,I'm sorry for my language I don't speak English very well.I've some problems with my 7912. Indeed, they are rebooting 2 or 3 times peer days, during talk or when we don't use them.My ISP said that my problem was from my Firewall. I don't unders...

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