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recording beep tone

Hello All -                   we have call manager 7certain agent users  have automatic recording  for all calls + remote and local  tone enabled.when the users dial into a remote [3rd-patry] conference, the conference participants are forced to hear...

rvincent by Beginner
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Firmware Upgrade 7960

I have a Cisco IP Phone 7960 and I am trying to get it set up to use SIP. I have a the SIP firmware 8.12 but I am having trouble getting it to load to the phone.Current firmware:App Load ID: P00308001000Boot Load ID: PC03A300Version: 8.0(10.0)DSP: 4....

joshcohen by Beginner
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Resolved! Translate the calling number

Hello I have a problem, I want to translate the calling number on a sip-trunk.Can anyone tell me the right "Incoming Calling Party Settings"I want to remove all starting "0" and replace it with a "+"Example:I want to change the calling number from 00...

Janos.nagy by Beginner
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CME SIP Trunk and Nat

Hi,I have a CME and have a requirement to use a SIP Trunk provider for external calls.The CME Router will sit behind an  adsl Router which wll nat from inside to inside.. Due to the issues with natting SIP is this a workable deployment?  Any comments...

iwearing by Beginner
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SRST Config assistance

Hello AllMy customer has centralised cucm cluster with satellite sites.All extension numbers are the full E.164 numbers e.g 441304863889.ISDN passes the last 6 digits at some sites and 4 at others.Incoming calls are translated from 6 or 4 digits to t...

feisalb by Beginner
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Resolved! Web Access to CCME , nothing displayed after login as administrator

hi,some strange behaviour with a cme web page.I access the page via <IP>/telephony_service.html.I can login with the configured administrative credentials.After that, the window appeared and nothing is show only a "View Window" in the left upper corn...