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Hi,Customer VOIP network has a CUCM version some cisco 7965 (configuring IP address and TFTP server in static mode) to the network all VOIP tel have registered correctly, but some of these tel the menu appears in English vers...

avvenk by Beginner
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Hi all, I want to explain what we are facing any time we are doing a migration to the new CUCM 8.x. We bought migration for enhanced user and any time we have to register the license is something really frustrating.For example, customer with CUCM 5.x...

cbrasolin by Enthusiast
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Guys,Tried to configure SNMP to use with CM6 and the customers SNMP manager. But cant seem to get very far.I can configure the community string for read only and apply to both servers. No problemBut when I try to enter the destination server then it ...

bigcappa1 by Enthusiast
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I've set up QoS on a 2911 (15.0.1) router to match RTP audio with the command "match protocol rtp audio." My understanding is this uses NBAR. I'd like to understand what this is matching. Running the "sh ip nbar port-map" command shows no port mappin...

AJ Cruz by Participant
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I am running CUCM 7.1 with CUBE to my SIP trunk provider. I setup an external phone number mask from my house cordless phone (connected through ATA) so that it shows the house number. That works great when I dial anybody from the house phone. To ena...

Hello Guys,I would like your help in order to give me some answers regarding my doubts about SAF.I will configure a SIP trunk in order to use SAF for my calls to other country.Is that all that i need to get it working? I mean? Should i build route pa...