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Hi all, I have a 2911 router running 15.1(1)T.  This also serves as a SRST gateway in the event of CUCM failure.  The challenge that I run into is that when I power the router on and the site falls into SRST I don't have any MOH.  If a reconnect the...

j.leroux by Beginner
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Hello Folks,We have 7 different locations (Campus) in the US. CER (HQ) is serving the emergency calls.  When both CERs are down, the emergency call should be routed to the local 911 service of the location where the 911 call is originated. For each l...

mightyking by Frequent Contributor
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Here's an example:Caller A calls. I want to transfer to Extension 6.I press 'xfer' (softkey), type in the extension number (6) and hit dial. When it is ringing, it gives Ciscos own ringing tone instead of my hosted IP ringtone. I don't know if you ge...

Quick question; I think am missing something, even after reading tons of docs: I have a new ISR 2921 that came with IOS 15.0, and CME 7.1.  I want to upgrade to CME 8.1; Do I just upgrade the IOS to 15.1.3?  The CME admin guides says the following (b...

aiwapro09 by Beginner
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Hi All - Thanks for the help...I purchased NME-CUE module for CME router and it came with 8 VM ports - I didnt' think that would be enough ports as there are about 150 phones registered to CUCME....so I purchased (4) SCUE-LIC-PORT-2= licenses with th...