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HSI sizing with PGW2200

I am running a PGW2200 node on a pair of SUN X4600 servers.I am now planning to implemnt some HSI adjunct servers.Can someone tell me, for sizing purposes, what the capacity of and HSI running on the SUN X4200 platfom is?Maximum calls? CPS? Erlang?Th...

tedgarner by Beginner
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UC560 phones rebooting.

Hello, i have several 500 series ip phones on a uc560 that like to reboot randomly. has any one seen alarms like these i don't recognize the last=cold+backupIP messageis there a document that details what the different messages are for phone reloads ...

Directory Number

I am trying to test our connection to a new SP and I am making a Directory Number for the test number they gave us. Is there a way that when I dial my cell phone I make it use that test number to dial out of the new system as opposed to my current ru...

nshoe18 by Beginner
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CTI Provider Error

Hi,We are facing some issue with CTI Service. We have a setup with 1 Publisher, 1 Subscriber, 2 PG Gateways and 1 IP IVR. All are connected on one core switch. In the morning we faced one problem that the CTI service was down and all the CTI ports an...

why voip is cheper?

Why is VoIP cheaper than a standard telephone line? If you make internal calls, VoIP is free, but if you make external calls, the call have to route to the PSTN anyways? I dont understand the benefits. COuld some body please explain?RgrdsVoIP noob.

after1111 by Beginner
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