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Resolved! E1 flap

My all outgoing calls sometimes come down after less than 1 minute.I think that the reason of this issue is due to that E1 flap.I made debug for the E1 and the results are attached.So, if you please, if any one suggest what is the real reason and if ...

7940/7960 Incorrect Time

My trouble is that the 7940/7960 sets time display will not change but all other sets on the system have. I have new CM 7.1 with the lasted firmware for the sets. I have checked the time zone configured and also the device pools have the correct info...

Resolved! Number of concurrent calls SIP trunk

Hi,I have a SIP trunk configured on callmanager 4.1. This SIP trunk connects to an outbound dialer. This works fine, but is seems that I can have only 24 concurrent calls on the SIP trunk. Is this correct, or is there a parameter to change this?Thank...

j.huizinga by Frequent Contributor
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IP Phones and Routing

Dears,is it possible to connect IP phones over 2 routed sites (L3 2 connected sites throughou routers ) instead of switched ones ( connected thru switches L2 trunked )if possible, what conig. should be added to the router or the 2 switches on both si...

CME question

I currently have 128MB of RAM and 32MB of flash. I was wondering if I could run 4.1 on my router? Also I have 2 7960 phones, and a 7940 phone as well. Do I have enough to run CME 4.1? also which 12.4T version of IP Voice would fit on my router.

Port Routing

Dears,I have a Layer 2 connection between my HQ and Branch using 2 switches via trunking portsI have PoE switches on both sides just to operate my IP Phones in bothe sitesI have problems connecting from my Branch office to HQ although I can do from m...

Connecting CallManager to AD ?!

Hi all,we'd like to connect our Callmanager (4.3) to our Active Directory sind we'd like the fields for telephone and fax number automatically be filled with the entries being stored in the Callmanager.Can we as end users do this by ourself - somehow...

NiclasCpm by Beginner
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