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Resolved! Issue with UC500

HiI try to configure Local speed dial on UC500I found that i was able to input on uc only 32 directorys in an xml fileDoes any one know how can i increase the directorys? when i put 33 and more i recieve on a phone xml errorHere is the config example...

When I press the Meet Me Softkey and enter the meet me number configuration I get a busy signal. It has been a while since this was tested and activated. What would cause the busy signal, is there something more that needs to be configured?Thanks

Mojo1 by Level 1
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I am trying to find a way so that when a CTI RP that forwards to a Hunt Pilot is Dialled the Alerting name of the CTI RP shows on the Callers Phone even when it has forwarded to the Hunt Pilot. At the moment the name flashes up and then is replaced b...

CUCM 6.1.2PublisherSub1Sub2How can I delete bogus MOH server entries (status unknown) as listed in the MOH server config for CUCMA?  They were left over from the initial installation and while they are not causing a problem I would like to remove the...

I have a Cisco CallManager 7.0.2 running. Now I tried to install the Cisco TAPI zu dial from the Outlook contacts driectly.The installation from the TAPI was successful, but the Cisco line is not available in the Outlook. I checked the CTI and user c...

keynet by Level 1
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Dear Voipers,We are upgrading our callmanager 3 nodes cluster from version to version6.1.2.1000-13.We have successfully upgraded the publisher and one of the subscribers.The issue is when trying to upgrade the last subscriber using the O...

Hi All,I followed all steps in CER document. I've setup the test router as service provider with cross over T1 Connection. calling 911 from any phone works fine and CER sends right ELIN. But when I call back from test router to ELIN, I got busy tone ...

I have a location with two Cisco routers on two seperate WAN links going into the same provider.  When I lose one of the WAN links, users report that their Cisco IP phones reboot.  The Call Manager is accessed across the WAN to another location, but ...

bspear123 by Level 1
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