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Hello, We are currently using a Be6000 system and when we schedule a call forwarding on our phones (model 7945) to external numbers, it works perfectly when the original call comes from an internal position, but when it is an external call then this ...

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Translator by Community Manager
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Hi all,I got problem, our department members login into CUCM (7.0) administration and logins are authenticated on LDAP server. But if you mistype password, CUCM sends this request to LDAP server 3times and due to our LDAP rules is your account for c...

Hello Experts-I know "jack" about QoS other than it's short for quality of service. With that said, here's the sit:We had a 2851 router acting as a WAN data link and voice gateway for our DC location until this AM. we cut over to a mpls 3rd party man...

Googi1974 by Beginner
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I have a CME system running on a 2800 series router that uses analog trunk lines from the telco. The system has 8 phones attached to it. Most phones sound OK but two phones have extremely low volume levels when calls from the PSTN are either answer...

tato386 by Frequent Contributor
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IP Manager Assistant comes with a great wizard to setup.. How do you undo the settings? I am deleting / unassociating route points, partitions, and search spaces but I still cant delete the partitions. Something is associated with something that is n...

allenelson by Beginner
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When using the BACD in drop through mode I get the US dial tone after the welcome greeting. Is there a way to configure this for swedish dial tone? Everything else in the system is set to swedish standards and working, it's only the BACD that do it U...

martnord05 by Beginner
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trying to add a cdr billing server without success. FTP server is up. id and password work because I can ftp to it from a dos window on a pc, directory is home directory, ability to read and write and create directories. I enter all of the variables ...

whanson by Explorer
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