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SIP Profiles help

Hi, Can I get some help in setting up a SIP Profiles rule to remove Caller ID name when its "unknown"? The invite looks like this currently:   From: "unknown" <sip:6478919370@146.71.90.XXX>;tag=54C644-2276    

hmalekib by Beginner
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Resolved! Hunt List and Voice Mail

Hello, we have CM ver 11.5My Line Group includes this DNs:5551555255535554a hunt point 8888 -> HL -> this line groupOn all those DNs (in this group) there is a FORWARD ON BUSY and ON NO ANSWER to the hunt point 8888.We want that each DNs will get to ...

snabulast by Beginner
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Resolved! 4551 - Can't see voice-port 0/1/0:15

Hi Guys. Please if you can assist me on this. I am trying to configure E1 on the Cisco 4551 but could not get the voice-port 0/1/0:15 on the show run.  Note 1 : Have already tried the pri-group timeslots 1-31 voice-dspIt will create the voice-port 0/...

Ravs by Beginner
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Outgoing Dial Peers not picked.

Hi guys. Please if you can assist on this on the 4451.  We have an issue where the Outgoing Dial Peer is not being picked. When the Router receives 10332026 as an example it will not pick the Outgoing Dial Peer. The Outgoing Dial Peer is 14 which has...

Ravs by Beginner
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e911 Without CER

Hello all, Let's say our CUCM environment is a campus with 5 buildings around town, and one gateway and one PRI that all calls go in and out of. If we don't have CER can we just configure all calls to 911 to go out with a particular callerID and coor...

Can Phone Migrations be done combining CUCM 11.5 Phone Migration and TAPs Dummy Macs

Dear Fellow Engineers, I am in the process of trying to devise a way to migrate several hundred 7900 phones to 8851s.  I have been able to successfully test several phones and it works beautifully, migrating DNs, BLFs, etc.  However, I was hoping tha...

Cisco VG310 License

Dear Community,I would like to know the type of license that must be added to a VG310 in SCCP protocoland also know if each analog phone should have a license?Thank you very much for your answers  

FN2018 by Beginner
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