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Hi allI'm replacing 3800 with 4300 isr router. Is there anything I need to look at? The 3800 router is H.323 Talking to voice provide with T1.  I know 3800 uses vwic and 4300 uses NIM . Is the connection different?  Is there anything I need to consid...

We are facing issue with SNR feature  on CIPC ..when we call on CIPC ext from mobile number parallel call not rings on users personal mobile number it only rings on users CIPC phone   1. End user configuration created with Checked Box for Enable Mobi...

Resolved! Dial Peer

Hi, Is it mandatory for an outbound pots dial peer a voice port has to be mentioned as well? If there isn't any voice ports mentioned for the dial peer can it automatically select which voice port to take? Thanks in advance.

1. What are the functions of the loopback interface in voice gateways? 2. Since loopback interface is always up unless the router is broken, is it advisable to tie the interface which generates H323  traffic to the loopback interface?