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I am trying to provide a guide on how to configure interfaces on Cisco routers to get the correct netflow sent to the CA Technologies NetQos product. Below is what I have so far, but there are so many veriables it is hard to make this a simple docume...

swieland by Beginner
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Hi AllI want to enable the snmp agent on the Cisco devices in our infrastructure using the following commandsnmp-server community string [view view-name] [ro | rw] [ipv6 nacl] [access-list-number | extended-access-list-number | access-list-name] For ...

Hi All,I was asked to configure the bandwidth on our CE router interfaces for SNMP monitoring and polling.I would like to know if this command is necessary to accurately reflect the bandwidth on our NMS.I know the bandwidth command has no bearing or ...

In DFM we get the following messages:To start with what is a "VoltageSensor" and where is it for?Why is the threshold between 1 and 5 and the currant value 0?How can we get rid of it (I figured the filtering out part allready out myself ) Please can ...

orsonjoon by Beginner
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Hi folks,Has anyone had any experience setting up Netflow from the 7010 platform to Solarwinds?I implemented the following code on both of my cores (VPC/HSRP Redundant Linked Pair) but had the following issues:1. One of the cores I could see was send...

Venture101 by Beginner
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According to Cisco doc, "NetFlow Aggregation feature allows Cisco NetFlow users to summarize NetFlow export data on an IOS router before the data is exported to a NetFlow data collection system." I'm trying to configure this feature based on the foll...

jackawang by Contributor
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