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Static on Phone calls

I am in the early stages of troubleshooting users reporting static on the phones when they are on a call. Based on others with the same issues what would be the best place to look for an issue that may cause this. In other words when this happens wha...

burleyman by Collaborator
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Hunt Pilot identification

Hi,I need some help.Using CUCM my case I have 2 Hunt Pilot configured : 250 and 260both HP go to the same DN (I have 2 DN : 501 & 502)Figure:HP 250 -> ring 501 & 502HP 260 -> ring 501 & 502HP 250 belongs to company AHP 260 belongs to ...

dsuntama by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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ata original password

my ata was reset to default remotely by a VOIP provider thru i guess a tftp server..now i was not able to access it as the ip address is already tried resetting it to the default factory reset but it is still asking for a pssword..anyone her...

dial-peer issue

Hi,Beacause of customer requirements dial-peer match incoming and outgoing calls. All works fine, however for one BRI CLID is set and for another CLIR (clid restrict) is set. CLIR clears also CLID also for incoming calls.How to differentiate dial-pee...

IP communicator and BLF

Hi all. Im trying to add a busy lamp field directed call park to an IP communicator.on a hard phone under unassigned associated items there is an icon to add blf directed call park, but I dont see it on IP communicators. Is that option not available?...

mx by Beginner
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