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Few questions regarding QOS

Hello All, I do really need a help on understanding some points on QOS. Given the below configuration---------R1#sh run policy-map COS-OUT-SHAPED-Gi0/0.15Building configuration...Current configuration : 124 bytes!policy-map COS-OUT-SHAPED-Gi0/0.15cla...

ahmed.negm by Beginner
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Resolved! 7206 VXR at Home

Hello Everyone!I just spent the last several hours trying to figure this one out yet the answer elludes me. I bought a cisco 7206 VXR off of ebay and am trying to set it up to replace my standard linksys router at home. The 7206 is connected via ethe...

Resolved! IOS NAT Overload

Dears,please find the attached topology.When i confgure a nat overload for my internal subnet to go through the ADSL i am not able to ping leased line next-hop which is conencted to my internet router, when i remove the command  ip nat inside source ...

VRF without RD

Hi,Is it possible to configure an MPLS VRF without the use of RDs?  I have tried to get this to work in a lab but have been unsuccessful (I have always had to use RD to get it to work)If I were to set up a MPLS VPN between a Nexus switch which has VR...

CiscoNutt by Beginner
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Channelized T1 and Clear Channel T1

Need to Understand Difference between Channelized T1 and clear channel T1.We are trying to bring up a circuit, we have 8 port channelized t1 card (SPA-8XCHT1/E1) installed on ASR 1006.  We check the physical circuit by loop testing and everything see...

Resolved! connected pc unable to get to the internet

Hi All,I am having issues getting to the internet from the PC. It's currently connected to the cisco 877w via FE0.The PC is able to grab the correct IP address. Even when I input the dns [], I am still not able to access the internet.Attached ...

Resolved! QOS bandwidth sharing

Hi folks,can anyone advise of this kind of scenario where we have 2 separate networks (sites) connected to the same router providing access to the same core.Network A (netA) & Network B (NetB) .Quite simple network A & B would have 60% and 40% bandwi...

Help with NAT outside in ADSL on 887

Hi all,I’ve had a good search and can’t find an example of what I was thinking would be quite a common configuration!So far my config is as below so basic NAT to allow inside devices access to the internet.What I need to do is allow static NAT from t...

mmoulson1 by Enthusiast
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Cisco 1812 IPv6 DNS server possibility

HelloActually cisco 1812 can become IPv4 DNS server howeveris it also possible to  become IPv6 DNS server ?I would like to confirm this function for verification phase.Best Regards,Masanobu Hiyoshi

mhiyoshi by Participant
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Resolved! Bgp route missing

Hi,There are totally three Autonomous configured, OSPF running on AS 2. Router 3(as2) has directly connection with R1(As1) and Router 5(As2) has directly connected with R2(AS3). now the problem is R3 and R5 know AS1 and AS2 routes but they don't exch...

feroz syed by Participant
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