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  form site A I am unable to ping a loopback of  site  B but  I am able to ping the internal interface of site B. using BGP b/w the 2 sites ROUTER A ----- > Ping Router B loopback failedROUTER A ----- > Ping Router B internal interface success Thank ...

Thank you in advance for any advice you can offer.I am helping my daughter's school replace their old network hardware. One element needing replacement is their primary router and I'm considering a Cisco 18xx, 19xx, 28xx, or 29xx router. The characte...

glambida by Cisco Employee
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We have a 3845 router that has been running fine for quite some time.  All of a sudden the router is rebooting about every hour with the following message:er-Gibson#sh verCisco IOS Software, 3800 Software (C3845-ADVENTERPRISEK9-M), Version 12.4(17), ...

dtom by Level 1
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I have posted previously about an issue with BGP and still need help. I have new information below.  For background information, here's the old thread: have ATMs that communicate ove...

Hi guys,I'm working in a company which is having around 100 sites & its too much difficult to maintain the configuration backups.sometimes i forgot to take backup after any change Kindly suggest me some software through which i can centerlize the con...

Hi, i am using cisco 881G router at our network environment, i want to use that running EIGRP for DMVPN solution and for backup route i want run ospf routing protocolso if any one can answer how could be the router performance when i run 2 routing pr...

How would I accomplish 80/20 load balance on my routers? Would for instance glbp 1 weighting 80 accomplish it?  But then the value range is between 1-254 so I don't think this is it. RT1 has a bigger pipe so I want more traffic to go through it and l...

hi ;I want to bridge 3g cellular interface with  ethernet  , but when i try to configure cellular intarface for bridge-group  , the router does not accept to command and says   cisco819(config-if)#bridge-group 1 Cellular0 does not support bridging Ar...

Hi all i am trying to download an ios for cisco Cisco 7204VXR router, but the site allows me to download only Cisco 7206VXR ios, my question is the IOS comptabile with both router modules ?  Thanks

Hello:Currently we have Cisco 1941 at our corp office that is doing VPN Tunnel. We are looking to replace this device but not sure which model we need to buy to replace this one.Can anyone guide me a right direction. Thx,

Hiep Pham by Level 1
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