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Resolved! Log on to router remotely

Hello,Is it possible to log onto a router over the internet using a pooled IP address?I want to be able to manage some routers that are in different sites, these are just providing internet access to clients. these are 1801 and 877sThank youGraham

ASR 1004 Etherchannel

I need to configure LAG on ASR 1004.Will ASR 1004 support PAGP and LACP?How to configure ether channel?ASR 1004 is running on XE 2.3.0 version.please help

pkumarap by Beginner
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Mac Security Problem

Hi everyone,  There is a Layer 2 Cisco switch ı want to do mac security,My scenerio is ; For only 3 port (Fa0/3,Fa0/4,Fa0/5) on these ports I want to make security.There are Five mac address.In these mac adresses which one to connect tese port it can...

Resolved! EIGRP- BGP Redistribution problem

this is little difficult to explain and ask me more question wherever I am not clear.HQ 1 and HQ 2 MPLS routers are performing mutual redistribution. (eigrp to bgp and vice versa).         BGP community tags are set on both HQ MPLS router to avoid ro...

Using PBR for BGP Redundancy

Hi All,I am working on a multihomed network. There's a BGP session with ISP1 and I'm on the point of setting up a BGP session with another ISP2. I'll like ISP2 to be a Backup link and must only be used when ISP 1 is down.In fact , i'll like to use IS...

Bethuelle by Beginner
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Cisco 891 behind ADSL router

I would like to configure cisco 891 behind an ADSL Router(ISP one).The Details are:ADSL Router:- DSL Connection: dynamic IP- LAN: 891- WAN: LAN: - Configuration...

QoS on 6Mbps WAN link

I hope this is the right spot for this.  I've got a router with its fastethernet connection going to a device that combines 4 T1s, for a total of 6mbps.  I want to configure a QOS policy on the Fastethernet interface to prioritize user traffic over b...

Resolved! Routers/Static Routes

So heres my question.  Im running GNS3 with multiple routers, and a cloud to bring the internet in via the host pc.  I attached a screen shot of my Topology in GNS3 to give a visual of the setup.  I can ping out/telnet in via the internet to the firs...

cdegroat82 by Beginner
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How to limit bandwidth

Hik,Can someone tell me how to limit bandwidth and by which means?What is difference between rate-limit nad police command in other means ...whats the difference between MCQ (QoS) and rate limit.How to limit bandwidth on layers 2 (based on mac addres...

techguy by Enthusiast
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OSPF metric in inter-area routing

Hi,I know, that my question is like a "first 2 weeks of CCNA training", but  I'm a little bit confused and trying to find th optimal solution.take a look at the pictureit's quite simple OSPF routing domain with 3 Areas. Let say we'd like to reach a n...

Resolved! Cisco 1921 high CPU usage problem

Hi.I have a Cisco 1921 router and it uses 99% of CPU and i cant seem to spot wich process that is taking up the cpu. Please have a look.I have an interface with several sub-interfaces and i am moving data between two of those subnets, i tried the "ip...

BGP prepend for certain network

Hi, I have an issue, I need to advertise for two ISP same network in bgp session. I have two routers with this configISP1(Router 1)router bgp XXXXXnetwork mask mask (Router 2) router bgp XXXXXne...

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