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Hi All,Need expert advice on this multicast setup configuration. I have network diagram as attached. Intend to use sparse mode. So will have RP Configuration at Core Switch 6509. But Can anyone let me know how to have the complete multicast traffic h...

Ken Lee by Level 1
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Hello,We have contracted with an ISP for an MPLS network to replace our legacy point-to-point EIGRP WAN. One of the ramifications of this implementation is that we want to continue to use NetFlow to monitor the traffic coming from remote sites into o...

pmettewie by Level 1
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HiI've inherited a project building an internet connectivity solution for a large corporate. It has its own AS and its own PI space. They are putting in 100Mbit connections from 5 different Tier1's , taking full internet routing from each. Cisco ASR1...

Hello Community,i have a question to you!we got 2 Cisco 4005 Switches with IOS 12.x.the is Quality of service configured like:no qos rewrite ip dscpqos map cos 3 to dscp 26qos map cos 5 to dscp 46qosinterface 6/6qos trust dscpNow we have two new Cisc...

Hi All,I have ASA 5505 with outside interface IP I configured the SSL vpn on this but still i am getting page can not be displaed when opening from broadband.Below is the related configuration in ASA.Could someone ...

jopetik09 by Level 1
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All,A user from the Internet with an IP of 107.x.x.x was unable to access our internal network.  Later we determined that his traffic was blocked by the ingress ACL on our perimeter router.  Initially we didn't catch it for days because our ingress A... by Level 3
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Hi,My Cisco 2811 router starts to hang & give the following error. "Original nvconfig doesn't have a correct magic number recovering from backup."I need to fix it ASAP. Please someone help me!!!I've already enter rommon & change confreg to 0x2142 & r...

Good evening.  I've had a strange problem for about a week.  My router is a 3745 with a 9mb multilink circuit.  This is used to route for our mpls WAN links between our branches.  AT&T is our mpls provider.  During the day when everyone is at work my...

bsciarra1 by Level 1
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Hi all,can anybody help me in configuring QoS on my cisco877W for VoIP below is the current configCurrent configuration : 2670 bytes!version 12.4no service padservice timestamps debug datetime msecservice timestamps log datetime msecservice password-...