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Hi,I recently setup a solution to load balence traffic from a LAN over 2 ISP ADSL connections.The setup works perfectly for one major draw back. For some reason all the packets arriving on the fastethernet interface are being process switched :(This ...

is there any other way to originate a default route in bgp besides default-information. I'm receving a default route via an IGP and would like advertise this to bgp speakers without doing default-information orignate or having network under b...

singh.andy by Level 1
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I am looking at something that I believe is a possible problem but can't determine. I have a router with only two interfaces - serial T1 WIC and FastE. The serial is a 768K frame circuit that is continuously running 95% utilization on both the tran...

bssmith10 by Level 1
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I have next configuration.ip nat pool FRZ-natpool netmask nat inside source list 1 pool FRZ-natpool overloadip nat inside source static nat inside source static tcp ...

borovac by Level 1
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We recently purchased a Cison 1841 to separate traffic in our corp office between pc's/printers/etc. and corp application servers. The router came with 2 sets of start guides - Cisco 1800 Series Integrated Services Router (Modular) Quick Start Guidea...

wsalyers by Level 1
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Hi all,What is the best practice of using BGP router ID with EBGP?Can I use private ip address for the BGP router ID with my EBGP? or have to be public one, I know within IBGP, I can use private ip address. Please advise. Thanks--Bill

tbui by Level 1
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Hi, I do not get my MLPP to work (on a 3745).I have defined the multinks on the serial interfaces I wish to bundle : ppp multilink group 1encap pppand then defined :Interface Multilink 1ip address XXXX XXXppp multilink fragmentation disablemy channel...

Hi, I have this connection with these routers: RA(Internet) - RB - RC - RD(Internet)Between RA and RB we have 2 links, 1536 eachBetween RB and RC we have 2 links, 1024 and 2048Between RC and RD we have one link, 1536Now we have configured ...

lveraza by Level 1
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Hican anyone tell me if CLI is a requirement when ordering basic rate ISDN or is it only used for call back etcmany thanksMark

turnermr by Level 1
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is there a way to reset the SNMP ifInErrors and ifOutErrors count? the OID i'm specifically referring to is . and ., where x is the interface. if you do a "clear counters interface..." command on the router...

7tsommer by Level 1
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We are trying to apply QoS/traffic shapping on out 6500 with FlexWan. The problem occurs when trying to apply the "frame-relay traffic-shaping" to the serial interface the IOS will not take the command. All of the documentation states that this mus...

scottosan by Level 1
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Hi It's a strange problem I am facing.We have a 2621XM router running on IOS version c2600-i-mz.122-23.binWe have a 2 Mbps leased line.The Link works fine on WIC 1T card but when we insert a WIC 2T card the line status is shown as down.

I have a pix in between two routers and i can ping across routers but cannot establish IPSEC/GRE between routers.PLz suggest ways to troubleshoot and how to know if PIX really blocks the VPN traffic. Only default ports are open on PIX.

I have a subnet and want to allow PC Anywhere,http,https ports for IPs only. Can it be done in a single ACL entry or I need minimum ACEs to get it done ?Thanx,Praful

hi ,i am planning to deploy ipsec on my gateway routers throughout the network.but the problem is ,i have got 700+ locations and creating seperates keys and t sets for each and every location seperately (for leased as well as dialers) gonna be a tedi...

gauravm by Level 1
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