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Resolved! Total Care DB requirements or usage affect VM hardware configuration

A customer asked when reviewing the recommendations for the VM hardware requirements if the 200GB disk space includes space for the collector DB or if additional space needs to be allocated?  what is used by the Total Care collector to store the disc...

blandino by Beginner
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Resolved! About Installed-At Site Name in Offline Inventory report

Hi All,Could someone know why part of Installed-At Site Name in offline inventory report show 'Site Verification Required', customer is very confused that, for this reason, they don't how provide correct address for RMA.Is there any official announce...

Lu Xu by Beginner
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Collected Cisco devices vs. devices in SNTC Portal

We are running auto-discovery via CSPC. How do we know if all the cisco devices we have discovered in the CSPC collector are getting uploaded to the SNTC portal? Currently we have 254 more Cisco devices in the CSP Collector then we do in the SNTC por...

tcarroll by Beginner
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