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Hi, I'm relatively new to networking, I'm having trouble with the server configuring DHCP ip addresses for computers in three VLANS:10,20 and 30. I've configured the VLANs on one switch and configured the router's ip address as well as the ip address...

ShaneJ by Beginner
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Hi Folks,   I am trying to find the latest IPv6 WhitePaper Cisco have published. The one i can find as the latest is:   https://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/td/docs/solutions/CVD/Aug2013/CVD-IPv6AddressingWhitePaper-AUG13.pdf   And one from 2008, but wh...

Hello,  I have cisco router 2600 series and configured as DHCP server, so, i want it to stop obtaining IP Addresses in specific time and start obtaining IP Addresses again in specific time.   Regrads, Hasan Nisar

how to vlan this scenario? School of Computing has six computer labs having 50 PCs and 2 computer labs having 20 PCs. It has 15 lecturer rooms and 5 head of department rooms. Also there is a program admin office which has 7 PCs and a networked printe...

ziham by Beginner
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Resolved! Ansible and OSPF

I'm trying to configure Ansible to configure OSPF on a lab router. So far I can get Ansible to create a Loopback0, but keeps failing on the ospf config.  I'm new to this, so I'm not sure if I'm using the correct model for a cisco 3800 router.

Hi,   I'm trying to figure out why the DHCP is not being handed out on Vlan 1303.  I have a DHCP server on Vlan 1300 that's working fine, but I have DCHP setup on an 800 series ISR and am not getting an IP address handed out.  I have fastethernet2 se...

wilmottech by Beginner
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Hello, I have a pair of ports on opposing switches configured as port channels. One side has a different native VLAN to the other. From switch 1, I cannot ping devices on switch 2 in VLAN 46. What exactly is causing this to fail ? Thank you.   Switch...

Hi There  i have VSS configured 4500 series switch and i need it to be NTP server and the other devices to sync clock from this server and i want the basic configuration only  ? Regards

henokk601 by Beginner
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As per the CCNA theory and every single test I have made on Packet Tracer's 2950-2960 switches, a switch access port: - Sends out untagged traffic - Drops any incoming tagged traffic Additionally, if we enable a voice vlan on that access port, ingres...

alfista16 by Beginner
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Hi,The default COS mapping for F2 card with egress queuing 1P3Q1T is:    # show class-map   class-map type queuing match-any 1p3q1t-8e-out-pq1      Description: Classifier for Egress Priority queue 1 of type 1p3q1t8e      match cos 5-7    class-map t...

rick505d3 by Beginner
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I have a pair of Nexus 9396PX I'm trying to upgrade from 7.0(3)I2(1)  to  7.0(3)I1(3). When I run the upgrade on both Nexus's this is what I get below. I also attached a txt file with the error that's more readable. Is this error normal or is there s...

Hi, I have a Cisco 2821 router. And I want to manage the router with SDM software. II have already installed the software and when i launched the application, 2 windows appear and the configuration page does not open. Can you please help me out. Rega...