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I cannot seem to get NLB to setup consistantly.  Sometimes I can get a NLB host to converge with no issues using either unicast or multicast.  But most of the time I can setup another NLB host in the exact same manner and I get "NLB not bound".I use ...

Hi, i have core switch 6509.I need to trace this server A is connected to which port in the Core Switch.I found out that this is the correct way•1. login to core switch•2. “sh ip arp x.x.x.x” where x.x.x.x is the ip address•3. You will get the mac-ad...

Hello - Wondering the stacking modules can be installed on switches already powered up and in operation?For a stack of 3 and 4 switches, does the cabling have to be done in a specific order?If you are creating a stack of 3 standalone prod switches, (...

Hi, is there a procedure to reset a 3850 which does not required to login first? I have a couple of c3850 stacks which do not prompt for login any more. I saw a bug in the tracker related to this but this bug applied to 3.3.0. I have 3.3.5 and 3.6.0 ...

mwiessler by Level 1
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I am attempting to for a trunk link between two Cisco switches but trunk is not forming. Both switches are connected via copper (4500x copper to SFP module since 4500X only supports SFP interfaces.). Here is config of both trunking interfaces for bot...

Hi!I would like to know that I want to have a core L3 switch for my campus network (Appox. 12 Switches and 300 Nodes). Already installed switches are 300-28 and 200-28 series with Vlans. In intend to purchase a 500-28 switch as a core to handle all t...

Hello,I need to connect 2 datacenters together and span some VLANs across both datacenters. I will have 2 dedicated ethernet links between both datacenters.How bad would it be to connect switches as shown below and let spanning-tree break the loops (...

Fab T by Level 1
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