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Does the Cisco 2851 router accept a LC connector?The one I got only have RG-11 connectors where I input the phone lines from the ministry into it and then output them as RG-45 ethernet cables to my IP Phones.As now the ministry is providing fiber opt...

mrashed88 by Level 1
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Hello,  Good Day to all.  I would like to ask if there are dual WAN router models on ISR G2.  The client doesn't want the RV042G. Any model from the 890 series up to the 2900 series ISR G2 routers? The connection from the ISP is via Ethernet.  If a s...

reycapoy by Level 1
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Hello,I have 2 devices which need to communicate through Logical Link Control.  Each device functions like this: they have a built in network switch that allows their internal components to communicate with TCP/IP which is then encapsulated inside LL...

jeffs7 by Level 1
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i have the exact scenario and need to make PBR to make Host 1 go internet from ISP1 also Host2 get its internet from ISP2, and as u know all that that cisco ASA doesn't support policy based routing (route map), so in this case how to implement that t...

Which line is the first SPF recalculation on following output ?I mean I want to know which line is new ?00:01:36   0    0       0       0       0       0       0       N, is this  new or old  ?r4#show ip ospf statistics  Area 0: SPF algorithm execute...

hiI have 2 Chassis 6506-E with sup 720. one of them work properly(Switch1) but another(Switc2) not boot form bootdisk and go to ROMMON mode. I Captured IOS from Switch1 with tftp but I cant Copy this image to switch 2 with tftp.Please help me what sh...

We have a 2960S using a single SFP-10GBase-SR to our Core switch. We are planning connecting the 2960S to a pair of Nexus 5k switches using Copper SFPs. We are already doing this on another 2960S so I didn't expect any surprises.When I removed the un...

we have two nexus 7k with ios version 6.1 are working as a core switches .also we have L2 switches 2960 in the floors to connecting users in the network.each 2960 switch is connected with two cores using VPC (TRUNK).two cores have all vlan interface ...

Hello,I have two 2950 Switches and am trying to connect via my laptop.  My laptop doesn't have a serial port so I am trying to connect through the ethernet port, with a straight through cable and on the end as it goes into the console port I have bou...

Everton1P by Level 1
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As if I didn’t have enough to do, I got handed another great management "what if” scenario… “What if there was a fire or a flood that affected the network core or a specific distribution layer?” On a large campus with several buildings, I am looking ...