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3433433454843843348742 7798251066103139283961100 90 80 * * ** 70 * * ** 60 * * * ** 50 * *** * **** 40 ****** ***** *** **** 30 ********************* 20 ******************#*** 10 ********##########...

mahesh18 by Level 6
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Hello,Currently, our network has a collapsed core type design.But we only have one network core (a stack of 4 x 3850 switches).Routing, svi, ACL... are on the core network9 stacks of 2960 access switches are connected to this core network.3 of these ...

abtt-39 by Level 1
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Hey Folks,anybody knows how to deregister a Switch from CSSM doing SLUP?Got one registered into the wrong Virtual Account..Doing Smart Licensing I would just do "license smart deregister" and again "license smart register idtoken <new token>" ..But w...

We need to connect two labs via fiber that have sx550x-24f-k9 managed switches, and I wanted to verify that the following would work to convert the fiber to Ethernet (the distance is less than 1km).  If this isn't the best option, what are recommenda...

JeffR123 by Level 1
  • 2 replies
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Hi All, I have a 3750 that has a few different DHCP pools setup on it, 1 of the pools is for a guest wireless vlan that seems to be giving us issues.  Wifi is running on Meraki APs, the APs are configured as trunk with all vlans allowed.  Our interna...

Hello,   i have a new 3850 Switch and i configured ip ssh ver 2 and all ssh commands but when i access the switch using ssh i got "No matching ciphers found. Client (x.x.x.x) supported ciphers :  aes128-cbc,3des-cbc,aes192-cbc,aes256-cbc,rijndael-cbc...

asheemy by Level 1
  • 20 replies
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I have this very weird problem where my C1111-8P router sees all clients as having the same client-id. i.e. I connect a number of devices one at a time and they all appear as having the same client-id.When I connect multiple devices at the same time ...

Mark30 by Level 1
  • 13 replies
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I'm trying to finish this lab but for some reason my DHCP is failing; After 4 hours of working through something meant to be easy I've decided to create a post regarding this issue.I'm not looking for someone to complete it for me but rather I'd like...