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Hi all,I'm quite new to ACL's so fogive any errors.I am currently trying to get Wake on LAN working in our enviroment to allow SCCM 2007 to wake computers. I have configured the ACL's to allow the packets across VLANS.I followed the CISCO guide http:...

On cisco devices I have set password is below but this is not a strong password, anyone can decrypt it because it's level 7. How can I set more stronger encryption for console password? line con 0password 7 043B321C455B1E1B1D

Hi Guys,I having one router ISR4331/K9 and getting below error lines. Anyone knows this issue?i have checked crypto pki certificates status and they are valid.  315801: Mar 31 13:41:14 EDT: %PKI-3-CERTIFICATE_INVALID_EXPIRED: Certificate chain valida...

Noovi by Level 1
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I have a Cisco 9300 switch and due to limitations, I need to use LAN to FO media converter to terminate the link on Switch FO port. But my media converter support 100Mbos and not Gbps. When I connect these links, FO port on switch never comes up. I a...

 In this section, you must apply layer 3 redundancy, so the ISP router is always reachable. Do the following: Enable HSRP on the appropriate interface of each of the two Gateway routers. Assign highest HSRP priority to Gateway 1 (Active router) Ensur...

JFGUDUD by Level 1
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HI, I am trying to license a C9200 against SSM On Prem but unlike the other devices I can't find the following commands: "license smart register <token_id>" command not foundcan anyone help with step-by-step guide? I did see a video online but none o...

ali007 by Level 1
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