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Resolved! Jabber video oddity

All,We've got a few new Win 7 Lenovo laptops that appear to have an issue with Jabber video. Versions 4.4, 4.5, and 4.6 all exhibit the same behavior - after making a call (to another codec, Jabber client, or 3rd party system), sending video freezes ...

ken.tucker by Beginner
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History addresses as seen on a Jabber VC client lead to Traversal licence usage

Hi All,We have Jabber clients registered to a local VCS control/Expressway, and the VCSs offer SIP --> H.323 interworking. In general we use H.323 and transform H.323 E.164 numbers to Jabber SIP URIs. We also use FindMe to route a virtual E.164 numbe...

Resolved! TMS permissions

Hello,I just wanted to have a user group in TMS, which only is able to book some systems in TMS (13.2.1 with PE). So i created a new group, give them only the permissions to access the booking tab and set the permissions on the hardware endpoints in ...

draach-85 by Beginner
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Resolved! Is it possible to search on domains via Jabber/TMS VC phonebook?

Hi,We have Jabber clients provisioned via TMS, but also our TMS manages many different VCS Expressway/Control groups, with many different endpoints listed in many different domains. Whilst the Jabber clients are able to show all of the endpoints as s...