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Resolved! Remove custom background and ringtone via CUCM from IP Phone

Hallo,we'va a CUCM 7.1 running at our company with about 700 IP Phone (7962). Now I've set via Bulk Phone Update the option "Phone Suite" to disabled.But in the time before several employee have personalized their phonesIs it possbile to remove the c...

Kai Onken by Beginner
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Resolved! Failed to create conference "8801 - Test Connect" - duplicate numeric id

Running TMS 13.1 and Codian 8510 SD Blade running 4.20 (1.43)When I schedule thru TMS using this blade I get the following error:Failed to create conference "8801 - Test Connect" - duplicate numeric id However when I schedule TMS using another blade ...

CTS500 SysLog: ERROR Invalid video encoder/decoder checksum detected

hi, all   need help about the CTS500's video effect.   we setup two sites with mixture of CTS500 and VideoTerm which's codec meet TIPv6, both of sites are under MCU.   the video protocol of both sites are 720p30f 3Mbps   well, the trouble is: When Sw...

Resolved! CTSman back-up

Can someone please confirm :In a Telepresence environment :CTSman and CUCM back-up needs to be carried out when there are no active meetings? Is it a mandatory thing, recommended or not required at all.Does it affect the meetings at all?Thanks in adv...

CUCM 7.1.3 and CUCN 7.0.2 best practices for graceful shutdown for physical move

CUCM 7.1.3 and CUCN 7.0.2 best practices for graceful shutdown for physical moveWhat steps should I take to gracefully shutdown and bring back up a call manager cluster?  I need to move the publisher and subscriber to a new physical location.

leiboldsp by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco TP Codec C20 not being able to talk CEC with LG LCD screens

I was awaiting for the CEC on/stand by possibilities of the TC4.2.1 software for a while only to find out that it does not work with LG CEC (aka SimpLink), but on the other hand it works fine with Sony's BRAVIA Sync. Has anyone encountered this same ...

Need help on VCS Starter Pack Express configuration

Hi all!I am trying out to configure the VCS Starter Pack Express Version:          X6.1I've followed the Cisco_VCS_Expressway_Starter_Pack_Deployment_Guide_X5-1 guide.All of the steps are done. All necessary DNS configurations are done as well. Clust...

Syslog Server - Definition of Facility Values within Codian Bridge

I have a syslog server running and am configuring on the codian blade to push information over to the syslog serverWas wondering if someone can tell me what selection is best to capture information (the help function is not that helpful in explaining...