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Hi,Anyon to know how to create individual virtual number?I don't want virtual number become member of any phone key.And virtual number can Call-forwarding to extenal trunk?And virtual number can install on console key button?  This model 303 can't au...

I'm almost sure there was a topic here before about this -- but I can't seem to dig it up at the moment.When is the redial bug going to be fixed?I get almost constant complaints from customers about this problem. It really begs the question -- why do...

danplacek by Level 4
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We have several offices in different states that are using Generic SIP trunk from Simple Signal and when one employee calls the extension (DID) of another employee at a different office, the call does not go to voicemail but instead gets, no mailbox ...

Running FW 2.1.5 and when calling inbound over SIP trunk and call is transferred to VM, the greeting played is garbled. Issue also with FW 2.1.4.A similar issue exists per post https://supportforums.cisco.com/thread/2128159 however NAT Keepalive has ...