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Hi,I need help here. I have configured a UC540 using CCA 3.1.1 I have enabled the Ext. Mobility but i understand that SNR cant be configured using CCA yet. How about intercom on Ext. Mobility? I really need help on this. Is there any solution to it.K...

Hi,I'm actually setting up a UC540 for the first time. We will use the UC as primary router, and it has to manage about 10 VLANs. No prob so far. But when I'm creating a VLAN with an ip range that is currently used by my Computer (i.e. Wifi), i'm not...

Looking for a call center management software/queue management software that could do the following:- Display real time calls along with call center user extensions- Display call statistics (daily, weekly, etc.)I know there of one that is available, ...

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