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Hi!!I have a problem when using the MSE.I have it installed on a Virtual Machine on a Windows 2003 Server.When i log in and do the:etc/init.d/msed statusit loads a lil bit and then showsStarting MSE Platform, Waiting to check the Status.like 10 times...

Hi, I recently bought 15 new AP Aironet 3500 (AIR-CAP3502I-A-K9) and connect to 3 different Cisco Catalyst 2960S. All of these get powered at boot with 15.4 Watt but after the boot process, they all drop to 14.5W and the LED blinking all color to say...

Hi,In one of our factory, there are handheld scanning devices which work over wireless to move data over to end servers.The setup has two-5508 WLC in HA mode, about few 1500 series & 3500 series AP's.handheld device is assigned an ip address & connec...

suthomas1 by Level 6
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Hi,I have a 4402 WLC with 44 Cisco Aironet 1240  AP's in lightweight mode and my wireless networks WIFI-GUEST, WIFI-PROV and WIFI-CORP01 works propertly. Recently we installed an Aironet 1600 Series in standalone mode and we can connect to WIFI-GUEST...

Our Wireless AP is AIR-CAP3502E-C-K9 with WLC 5500. The issue is that in H-REAP VLAN Mapping the VLAn ID suddenly changes and if I checl the logs I see no downtime on the AP. Please note that this happen to random AP's and sometimes all the AP's in c...

I received a PAK and I generated a license from it.  E Mail that I received shows this:   Product Name         : L-PILMS42-50-M   Product Description     : Prime Infrastructure LMS 4.2 - 50 Device Upgrade Lic                                          ...

ALIAOF_ by Level 6
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I have two 2602i that are no longer booting after they joined the controller and pulled the updated image. from the console this is what I see during the boot process.IOS Bootloader - Starting system.flash is writableFLASH CHIP:  Numonyx Mirrorbit (0...

gocarroll by Level 1
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