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Hi,how can I reset 1552 to factory default with console. I had mistake and install 1552 configured like ROOT AP and on the site I don't have a wire. Now I need to change AP mode to MESH AP becose AP join to wlc for some time and then disconect. I tri...

dejash123 by Level 1
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Hello,Can someone help me? I need help setting up a MESH topology as seen in the attached file.I've never configured a Mesh topology and I do not know where to start or even how it works and how troubleshoute?What are the best practices? knowing that...

cameroun by Level 1
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Hi,i was following cisco support community tread for how to chagne LAP1142N from LAP to Autonomous mode; was able to upload c1140-k9w7-tar.152-2.jb.tar to AP; AP boots with new image but i cannot access AP ove console port now. Any ideas would be app...

endpoint by Level 1
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Resolved! vWLC WebAuthCert

I have diligently followed the instructions for generating a CSR in order to obtain a 3rd party certificate for my virtual wireless controller.  I've got the certificate back from the vendor and have followed the instructions to combine it with the p...

sargentmw by Level 1
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Hi,I'd like to place Guest Accounts in a different "UserGroup" depending on the base country of the sponsor, which is meantion in the LDAP CN-String used to authenticate sponsors. Unfortunately, the ISE (1.2, Patch Level 5) only provides the operator...

A.Swinnen by Level 1
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I have 2 controllers that are currently on software version 7.3.  I am planning on upgrading to 7.4MR2(7.4.121) and have not performed the pre-download process before.  In reading some of the restrictions, I am somewhat concerned with this.Predownloa...

awatson20 by Level 4
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So what's everyone's opinion on UNII-2E these days? Are we good to enable it in the U.S. and expect vast majority of 5Ghz mobile devices and 2-4 year old laptops to support it?

   Trying to figure out if I missed something in the release notes.WiSM-2's upgraded from 7.0.235 to 7.0.240, then to 7.4.110 Sunday before Christmas.1131 APs converted from IOS to LW back in the WiSM-1 days have been running H-REAP/FLEX just fine 't...

Hello,I'm using a Cisco Virtual Wireless Controller in version with 2602 access points in FlexConnect mode.I'm using only one WLAN with 802.1x authtication and dynamic VLAN assignation.I have 13 wired Apple TV (v3).  In controller configura...

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