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Hi there,we have deployed a HA pair on 5508 controllers. I am just wondering if a failure happens oh the active box and HA unit  takes over as active box, Is there any ways to send notification advising that standby box is  now active.I know this can...

K D by Level 1
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We are using 5508 WLC with 3602 APs.Looks like in RADIUS Authentication Called-Station-Id is the MAC address of the AP,but in RADIUS Accounting Called-Station-Id is the MAC address of the WLC.How can we change that behaviour so that Called-Station-Id...

timovirt1 by Level 1
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Hi all. I have a very simple configuration that I'd like to do, which I have done before, but yet can't do now.  I have an 891W router, the embedded ap801 instad.  IOS on both is 15.2.  I have an SSID set up, using wpa-psk.  I have a fully working co...

HelloI am receiving on my WLC alarm form IDS about "authentication flood attack""IDS Signature attack detected. Signature Type: Standard, Name: Auth  flood, Description: Authentication Request flood, Track: per-signature,  Detecting AP Name: AP-xxx, ...

dszendol by Level 1
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Hi everyone i just wanna ask that 2602 AP can be register on 4404 controller because i have read that 2600 AP required minimum sofware for get itself register. But i have 4404 WLC in my office, can wlc 4404 support this software version or ...

Hi Experts,We were using radius(NAC) server for creating the guest accounts for the users . But now the NAC server is down . Hence as an alternate solution we want to configure the anchor WLC using the local database . We will use lobbyadmin account ...

I know this tool does not have a version for windows 7 but the company foisted the OS off on me to "Test" It works fine with windows 7 32 bit but I have windows 7 64 bit.So, I was attempting to install and use the autonomous to LWAPP tool to upgrade ...

                  there are no matching country codes in WLC for Azerbaijan so what country code can be selected for this country? Geographically it borders with Russia and former soviet states but cannot find specific information regarding regulatio...

pkilkenny by Level 1
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Good Morning,I am in need of some help. We are looking to deploy wireless to one of our retail locations. The site is currently under remodel so the time is now to put in a better solution.We currently have Cisco Small Business AP541n deployed and we...

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