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Hi all,I am using mac filtering in Cisco WLC 5520 to filter mac address of User's Smartphone but I have to do it manually one by one. Are there any solution to add mac address to WLC automatically. Or are there any solution to manage access to wifi.T...

giangle by Level 1
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Good Day, I have an SSID’s not broadcasting issue: WLC Model: AIR-CT5520-K9 Software Version: This Outdoor AP is broadcasting and users are connecting AIR-AP1572EAC-E-K9  Primary software ver: Boot Ver: IOS Ver: 15.3.(3)J...

Heinz by Level 1
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May i know what is the cli command to enable this? I tried enabling it in the GUI but when i looked at the difference upon saving the config there were no difference so I'm suspecting that this is connected to the issue we are experiencing right now...

absuizo14 by Level 1
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This 2802i has been installed for about 2 years, is in a remote office and has not caused any trouble.  This morning it went out and is flashing green and red, tried rebooting it and have has no luck it connects with a 2504 WLC (about to change to a ...

roger by Level 1
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We want to join 1800 APs to the 9800 controller.However, APs repeat connection and disconnection.I think this is a licensing issue with the 9800.When I type the show license command, "No licenses in use"can someone help me??   WLC#show inventoryNAME:...

이미지 035.png

Is there any way to get a list of the country codes configured on access points either from the controller or via Prime Infrastructure?I have a controller where we are nearly at the 20 country code limit and I want to check which codes are actually b...

pinglis by Level 7
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