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Hi all,Just this post to collect your impressions about 7920 roaming. Personally, in our implementations we use LEAP ( with ACS server or Local Radius) and we always experience some cuts while roaming.Our results within "complex" warehouse en...

I've asked this of our account rep, but he has not been able to get an answer. Does Cisco have plans to offer alternate EAP choices on the 7920.We want to evaluate the 7920 phone, but open and static WEP are not real world choices, and we have alrea...

mdeloach by Beginner
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With the rollout of the new 802.11i standard I am wondering if it's possible to use 802.11i along with the IPSEC VPN. Does anyone knows abt this?Thanks.

hseth by Beginner
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Hi:I have a wireless IP Phone that is not getting a DHCP address. When we configure a laptop for DHCP, it gets an address OK. Also, if we configure the phone with a static address, it does not work either. LEAP authentication is enabled on the phone ...

brobinson by Beginner
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I used WLSE to convert a VxWorks AP to IOS. Half way through the upgrade, i accientally unplugged the AP. Now when i Hyperterm into the AP all i get is a dialog box witht he follwing options:r-run, u-upload, s- system, etc. No option actually works. ...

candiffjp by Beginner
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Any idea how i can get WDS working in a Windows 2003 IAS server environment? The AP doesn't seem to be sending any login requests to the IAS server. My WDS AP is not authenticating to the IAS.ThanksQH

hogoqo by Beginner
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Hi,i create a user with a role the role give access only to location manager.is there a way to view the location managerand deny any change of the map.?(i want to give access for view the location map only).thanks

amisu by Beginner
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but would this be one of the higher grade security configs for wireless, without using Layer 3 VPN:Access Points: Cisco 1200 seriesWireless cards: Cisco Aironet a/b/g PCMCIAAAA Server: Cisco ACSEAP Authentication: LEAP (and t...

rwcrowe by Beginner
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