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Output of wireless related show commands like 'show wireless client summary detail', 'show ap dot11 5ghz summary', or 'show ap summary' on the 9800 CLI is very slow. It takes ~42 seconds to display data on ~2700 clients on a 9800-40 if you disable pa...

jasonm002 by Beginner
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We have an office with 4 floors, total 90 x C9120 access points in local mode and using Catalyst 9800-40 WLAN controller with IOS XE 17.9.3. Per access point we have two SSID (office LAN and guest LAN). Number of clients per access point is at max ar...

Bernd Nies by Beginner
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Hi there,   I'm trying to generate Heatmap in cisco prime and I could not do it, can someone please help me how I can do it because for now I just upload JPEG map and placed the APs on the map.   I will wait for your replies      Thanks,

We are running a 5520 WLC with software version and have a bunch of C9105AXW-Z (v02) AP's.What I have found is that using the WLC GUI, when they are run up the first time and added to a FlexConnect group and the corresponding AP group, LAN...

eamse_0-1695684837604.png eamse_1-1695684944395.png
eamse by Beginner
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Hi, We have been receiving this error on our C9800-CL controller for some time now and not sure what it requires.  %PKI-2-CERT_RENEW_FAIL: Certificate renewal failed for trustpoint sdn-network-infra-iwan Reason : Failed to get ID certificate from CA ...

Hi allI have an issue where when some users are roaming from 1 side of the building to the next they drop off the network and have to forget and reauthenticate. I didn't set this controller up but I can see Fast transition is adaptive enabled. So I s...

Hello,I am curious to know what are people using to connect to a CleanAir Cisco Access Point notwthat Cisco Spectrum Expert is no longer being upgraded past 4.1.11?  I know MetaGeek Chanalyzer is available with licensing of that feature but are there...

trapasso by Beginner
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I have problem with my air ap 1702i converted to w7 ios.all is ok but when i login on web gui and try save or apply anything i get error 404 not found Any tipTnx

Has anyone performed any recent Meraki access points firmware upgrades?  We have been told not to perform the last few because they would impact client roaming which is critical.  It seems odd that Meraki has produced the last few firmware updates (2...

mlreboli1 by Beginner
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