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Hello,  I am a complete beginner. I'm struggling a lot trying to access to the WLC 2504 using the GUI. I can configure the controller using the console port, but I cannot access it though the GUI. I set the Management IP address as but ...

Im trying to schedule a wlan to disable and enable it again after a specific a period of time. I get an snmp error MIB access failed. SNMP Community may not have write permission, check and try again. : xxxxxxx:x.x.x.x as image attachent shows. I can...

torchri by Beginner
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HiCan anyone tell me if there is any guide out there that tells me how to interpret the reports that can be generated in Cisco Prime.  For example if I run a report on client count per AP, is the result telling me how many different clients connected...

Dear Community, For Smart Lic activation Internet are needed. What if management interface vlan can't access internet for the company policy reasons?Cisco 3850 has capability to select which vlan to use to get an access to the internet. Any chance to...

slyfox by Beginner
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Hi Running 8.5.140 on WLC, seem to have an issue with 5520 in HA. 2 IssuesWe've just got Chanalyzer, found not able to connect to the AP.The AP has Cleanair enable, but the spectrum key does not show up on WLC, log on to AP, it is there.When the Prim...

I am running a Cisco 5508 Wireless Controller with Software Version The goal is to have Netflow monitoring client usage to identify clients using to much traffic and where the total over all traffic is going or coming from.    I am running...

joshwa by Beginner
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IntroductionFeatured ExpertsLive QuestionsQ: What happens if you have two WLCs with two multicast groups and a client roams between the two controllers?Q: If you set AP Multicast mode to Multicast and provide a group IP, do you also need to go to Con...

estef.jpg jhosbell.png

Hello All,I need to know if I can somehow enable broadcast traffic just on a flexconnect AP/ group.the scenario:In a specific area of the environment, I have some Flexconnect APs. they are in the same flexconnect group and every thing is working fine...

Hello, I have a WLC-7510 version and AP models AIR-AP1832I and IW3702.After upgrade from to, we have the following problem:Sometimes clients are not redirected to captive web portal.Same client, same AP, sometimes it wor...

ecarbajo by Beginner
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Dear All, we are looking for an automated way within Cisco Prime 3.1.6 or 3.2 to schedule the add/remove of a particular SSID within AP Groups. We plan to create individual AP groups for each building and don't want our guest SSID to be active all th...

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