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Hello, I have installed the latest WLC firmware on our WLCs (Active/Standby) and preloaded the APs and set the new image as primary to reduce downtime, but 1 says "none", how do I fix this?I did try "config ap image predownload primary GLASGOW-AP01" ...

WLC predownload2.PNG

Hi,  The standby WLC in HA keeps reloading. What does IPC timeout mean? Is the standby unable to reach the primary? (W854_01-Standby) >show logging last-reset !!!Message and Trap Logs from Previous Reset --------------------------------------------...

omz by VIP Alumni
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15 x Cisco 1832i in a network, all AP version is Mobility express One of the AP as a controller and other 14 x AP join to the controller by flexconnect and into a 24 POE switch with same subnet. Three months later, after the power maintena...

We are deploying 3802i's using Cisco C2960X's. When a lag the 2 ethernet ports on the switch the ap disconnects form the WLC. If I shut eth1 from the AP the device connects to the WLC. We really want to utilize both ethernet connections on the AP. Ha...

rschwart by Level 1
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Hi,I have a hard time geting a AP to connect to a vWLC. I get certificate error on the AP, he dose'nt trust the vWLC's selfsigned certificate.I know about the requirement for the AP, to have 7.3 code on before connecting to a vWLC. This AP were conne...

Trying to filter Mac Addresses for my three different VAP or SSIDs. Need to filter different set of Mac Adds for each VAP/SSID. Options on config is to only use one master local list for all VAP/SSIDs. Can I configure three VAP/SSID with different Ma...

Hello, everyone,I'm about to do a channel migration on my Cisco WLC, model 5520 with version, and with APs 3802i, which have channel widths of 40 MHz and they ask me to change them to 80 MHz in order to obtain 1.3 Gbps. My question is, what...

Jonas2020 by Level 1
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I am configuring a 1562I as a Mobility Express AP and when I am configuring the 5GHz radio I noticed that when configured for channel 36 my power options are levels 1 through 5.  If I choose channel 157 the power level options are 1 through 7. Does a...

Hello,I have virtual Wireless LAN controller and FlexConenct APs - 3602.WLC is located in central site, in which i have two AP in flexconenct mode (cannot use them in other mode due to virtual machine host cannot pass vlans) and remote (spoke_ site w...

Ivo Sabev by Cisco Employee
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