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In our wifi network, some users complain the slowness sometimes. of course a lot reasons can cause slowness. but I notice there are some rogue APa on WLC home page. How to make sure these AP can cause slowness? Thank you

wfqk by Contributor
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My WIFI network is made of 5520 WLC and 1832 APS. WLC ver Rel 8.5. If my clients try to download a big file tha download speed decrease till stop and some applications can't work. Apparently it happens with all nic model and also if the wireless clie...

l.buschi by Explorer
  • 3 replies
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Hi All,   Would like to seek your assistance if you have encounter issue on local web authentication using Chrome on mobile. I already executed the following command below but still the issue persist.   config network secureweb cipher-option high ena...

rgmamaril by Beginner
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Hi, We've recently installed some 2800 series APs, we're seeing significant packet loss on two identical Windows 10 Intel 8260 clients. Only appears to be when connected to a 2800 AP. We're running on our 5500 controllers. Downgrading to 8....

Ben Duff by Beginner
  • 41 replies
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I understand the AIR-AP1832I-x-K9C (With the 'C' at the end) comes default with Mobility Express on the AP.   What is the process to join this to a controller instead of using Mobility Express?  Is it just the normal process of tossing it on the netw...

Hi guys,   I have noticed that if you issue the "show ap auto-rf 802.11-abgn <Cisco AP name> command from the CLI, you can get different output. For example some output from an AP which XOR radio is manually set to 2,4 GHz client serving,  FRA is glo...

Quick question.  Can I use a vWLC as for foreign and anchor WLC?  I am trying to lab up a customer scenario, but when I connect to the guest WLAN, I keep getting an IP from the foreign WLC and not the anchor.     TIA,   Dan

deyster94 by Contributor
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Can someone tell me if its possible in a controller based environment, to turn off the 2.4Ghz radio on just one access point?  I know this can be done globally but can it be done on just one access point?Also, under the wireless tab->radios->802.11b/...

nh6we by Beginner
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Hello,   We have 3650 switch acting as a wireless controller. We want to deploy VoIP Wireless solution with Cisco IP Phone 8821. But after configuring WLAN and other settings like DHCP, 8821 doesn't get an IP address. show wireless client summary com...

Sadail Ali by Beginner
  • 5 replies
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Hello Guys, I'm wondering if you guys could help me with this issue I have in our network. I present the topology attached. We are trying to deploy a Cisco Unified Wireless Architecture, but in our architecture: 1.- User VLANs use the following pah: ...

As per this document, https://community.cisco.com/t5/security-documents/how-to-universal-wireless-controller-wlc-configuration-for-ise/ta-p/3631013    wlan aaa-override enable is mentioned as mandatory.   Can anyone mention the use of it & help with ...

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