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Hello!   I have AIR-WLC4402-25-K9 v04 with AIR-LAP1242AG-E-K9. Can I renew only my AIR-WLC4402-25-K9 v04 to Cisco 3504 Wireless Controller?   If it's possible: Need I buy new licence for AIR-LAP1242AG-E-K9? Need I upgrade software on AIR-LAP1242AG-E-...

mike76 by Level 1
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HI , Can we do mac binding in any Cisco controller?customer want to use DHCP server of cisco wlc controller and in that, they want to bind mac address with IP address.every time if a client disconnects and reconnect, it should be picked the same IP w...

ujoshi001 by Level 1
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I saw in WLC message logs as mention below,spamApTask6: Apr 06 03:55:40.438: %LWAPP-3-REPLAY_ERR: spam_lrad.c:42446 The system has received replay error on slot 0, WLAN ID 1, count 1 from AP 70:7d:b9:d3:fc:40*dot1xMsgTask: Apr 06 03:32:55.726: %DOT1X...

hi guys, so.... i have a big trouble with my AP join to WLC. when i set AP connect to WLC, not join. and later in logs on WLC i can see this error.   *osapiBsnTimer: Feb 16 20:25:42.709: %DTLS-3-HANDSHAKE_FAILURE: openssl_dtls.c:2202 Failed to comple...

Hi, Does anyone deployed 3504 with mGig connections? We have 9300 mGig switches and 2802i Access points. Is the below topology topology correct to deploy? My core layer is 2 x Catalyst 9500 switches 


1) is it still possible to buy "L-LIC-CT5508-50A"? Is it it mandatory also to buy CON-ECMU-LCT50A2) if two WLCs are used in N+1 mode, is it possible to migrate all licenses from standby WLC onto primary and use standby in ha-sku mode?!  

Andrey128 by Level 1
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Hi We have been shipped a couple of Cisco MSE 3365 appliance with the CMX 10.0 code however we are running Cisco Prime 3.0 and require MSE for WiPS.  As Prime is only running 3.0 we cannot add the CMX to Prime to downgrade, therefore will need to do...

Resolved! WLC 3504 USB

Hello, How to update firmware for wlc 3504 over usb?According to https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/wireless-mobility/wireless-lan-wlan/68835-wlc-upgrade.html#anc7WLC 3504 can't be updated trough usb

slyfox by Level 1
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Hi  we are using ISE 3515 applience version 2.2 in mnt mode and WLC 5508 version 8.4.100 . i come to know that in few mobiles phones sponsor redirection page is not coming,device is getting the ip address and sponsor address is showing in address bar...

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