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Hello All, I have few queries about FUS upgrade.1) Is it only once upgradable on controller? If FUS is too old and we need to upgrade it to the new one, in that case we might need 2 upgrades (check point X to Y then new version). What about this scen...

cisco wlc 2504Software Version send attribute "framed-ipv6-address" to my radius accounting servers.but send only attribute "framed-ipv6-prefix".*** I used command "config wlan radius_server acct framed-ipv6 both {wlan number}".

pawarut by Beginner
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Hello, I got a Cisco 5508 WLC and I need to segregate / separate multiple customers in the same building; I got also a Radius server.Could you kindly explain me how could achieve this?I have some ideas like using different SSID and based on Radius au...

Hi, I have recently bought Cisco 2802I AP for home wifi.I am using power injector and one cable from power injector Power+DATA is going into the POE of Aironet Cisco 2802I.The cisco is turned ON, however it is fluctuating between green and Red light....

bunnyg by Beginner
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does anyone know which set of ports should be openned to allow work of devices, which are using PEAP protocol?-devices and wireless controller are separated by firewall-user account and passwords, which are used for PEAP, are created on wireless cont...

Andrey128 by Beginner
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Hi guys, I have the main WLC with no DTLS but HA WLC is with DTLS! will effect on redundancy process. and I tried to upgrade the software of HA WLC to be the same of main to start make redundancy configuration but HA WLC gave me DTLS error and need D...

Hi  I have a VLC 2504 with 24 x CAP2702I-E-K9 AP's all connected and working. I am attempingt to add 5 x new AP1852I-B-K9 AP's without any success.  WLC ws ver - I have this message on the new AP that keeps repeating , help !  [*09/28/2017 ...

Jason_jjc by Beginner
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Which USB-Sticks for 3G and 4G (LTE) Mobil Data are compatible and working together with the WRP500 ?I just found some links at the cisco web content but unfortunally no results, or is it equal for WRP400 and WRP500 ?http://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/...

ilaible01 by Beginner
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