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iam interested to learn & getting into building multi-site script ... so far i do the basic scripting for announcement/prompting.,...etcBut when it comes scripts which requires formula manipulation , i feel iam not the mark.Hence i need to progress &...

How send to korean text from CVP to ICM?1. Set FromExtVXML[0] = "한글" on the CVP Call Studio2. Call.Variable1 = FromExtVXML[0] on the ICM3. Confirm to the TCD table.The Variable1 on the TCD table is broken.

I have a (relatively) simple CVP app. The first page that the caller interacts with is a customized menu with two menu options. When the CVP app enters the menu element, I get the following error in the Activity Log:06/02/2014 10:11:21.379,Greeting M...

Hi I was just wondering, if I could get some help on setting up a automatic reply templates for chat.For example when the agent accepts the chat it automatically sends a message from the agent.

Hello All,Can someone provide me how can we customize dashboard in CUIC.I know how to add report and etc in dashboard and its coming in normal view form, but i need those report to be view in chart, graph etc.Can any one help me in this request.Attac...

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