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Hello      I have a 2921 in my personal Lab that currently has the System Error (SYS LED solid amber). I am unable to console in to see anything. I have also tried to change the fan/power supply and none of this made any difference. I think its somet...

Hi, I testing a new SIP connection from Service Provider, my connection will be ITSP-SIP-VGRouter-SIP-CUCM, The issue I am facing is I'm unable to make call outside to ITSP from my Cisco Phone, however I can receive calls from ITSP. Please find the a...

Risat by Level 3
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Dear All, I have a quick question. Could someone clarify me that why do cisco use TFTP during phone registration? Why not FTP or SFTP? Thank you in advance.   Regards, Syed

Syed by Level 3
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             We were working an issue in our Publisher and Subscribers and performed a "utils diagnose test" on each through the command line.  It passed everything but reverse dns lookup.  Does anyone know how to fix that type error?  Thanks in adva...

jamize by Level 1
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