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I've got the Abbrdial (abbreviated dial) setup ok, but maybe I'm missing something over the years because it rarely comes up.On a phone like the 7942 that only has 2 soft buttons, I don't see any easy way to setup speed dials that are a "list".  Mean...

Hi,We have new 8961 phones that register if the primary line is configured.  If a phone has the primary line blank, with other lines configured, the phones won't register.  Anyone familiar with this? CUCM System version: on phone si...

mcdonovan by Level 1
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Hi all!We have internal calls to other department from sccp and sip phonesNeed register sip provider to have external calls I configure network interface and add provider ip addresWhen i try register provider from sip-uasip-uaregistrar 1 ipv4:externa...

kidatsuda by Level 1
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Hi FriendsI have 8 pstn lines and hav 2811 router, 3750 Poe, I want to configure ip telephone system, how can i route the pstn lines torouter and How many cards do i need? if it us FXO Card. Can 2811 Support 2 FXO 4 Port (Two VIC2- 4FXO so i can get ...

Sabby0115 by Level 1
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