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we would like to change the logo on all our phones but we would have to walk and touch every phone could i just name the new logo file the exact name as our old logo file upload the new file to cucm? or when i try to upload the new file with the same...

 Hi All, I am facing a problem related to my 7900 series phones.problelm is that we are upgrading our CUCM cluster form 8.0.3 to 9.1(2) and first step we download a firmware for 7942G series and try to installin our lab for our call center agent phon...

rshakee69 by Level 1
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I install the License in  CUCM   ELM  and it install sucss    but   when I  Access The CUC   ELM    It appear  the License will Expire and I can not install the same File ?

hani05562 by Level 1
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hi..am facing a problem with cisco jabber for my desktop..i have window 8.1,i downloaded the latest version of cisco jabberi login and  when using the option "Use my Phone for calls"  it works fine but when i try option "Use my computer for calls" it...

NajeebKAN by Level 1
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