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Hi,I have an issue with a customer who is complaining sometimes their phone invokes a call forward timer after 2 rings rather than 3.  This appears to only happen every couple of weeks, looking at the CUCM logs I can see that the call is offered for ...

ian.ryder by Level 1
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                   Hello guys!     I have various CTI Route Points configured for a Paging System. I configured the maximum number of calls on the CTI route points to 1 and the busy trigger to 1 in order to restrict only one user to be able to send a...

fuhrersk8 by Level 3
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                   Hi All,Can anyone help with this at all? We have set up SRST fallback on our CUCM 8.0.3 in our lab. we have a both SIP and SCCP phone registered to CUCM and the endpoints fallback to the gateway as required and they can all call be...

Joe Carey by Level 1
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I'm designing a new CME implementation with ether UC560 or ISR2921. we have a PRI line where we recieve voice and fax, and an internal fax server with BRI card. Is it possible to configure relay for specific call comming on PRI card (based on called ...

astrodave by Level 1
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We are having som issues with choppy/bad voice calls at one of my clients (has gotten better since the ISP line upgrade but still very bad). I am wondering if I am reading the show mls qos output correctly from one of the port that is connected to a ...

CiscoNutt by Level 1
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Hi,I have a 2811 router with c2800nm-adventerprisek9-mz.124-24.T4.bin IOSI amtrying to add the command:"bind media source-interface loopback 1" and "bind control source-interface loopback 1"I am can apply these commands but, but in the show run, I ne...

j.huizinga by Level 6
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Hi All, I am using e164 numbing standard for all my directory numbers. the format is 6188237XXXX.  I am using an Translation rule for incoming call to get translated to 618XXXXXXXX number. This part works fine. The question is, in CUCM the site uses ...

K D by Level 1
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