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Hi,I have CUCM version and I have scheduled backup of CCM.Last week we noticed that CUCM server doing backup .tar files all the time.Every 6,7 minutes it starts with backup. The scheduled rule is weekly on saturday.Did you have the same ...

vjemin by Beginner
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Hi,I have an requirement to break in on a phone conversation in case of en emergency.Cisco CM can't do that unless with shared lines which is not an option (to many lines)Is there any other product that can do this? Attendant console maybe?thanks,JH

j.huizinga by Frequent Contributor
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We currently run CCM7 which I need to extend to a branch office for about 35 - 40 users. I'd like to provide SRST and also have a local breakout to PSTN via a SIP turnk to a 3rd party. I also want to host voicemail locally on unity express. I'm havin...

Hey all,My situation is this:1 Existing T1 between Nortel and 2821 with the following config:controller T1 0/0/0framing esflinecode b8zsds0-group 0 timeslots 1-24 type e&m-wink-startcas-custom 0trunk-group PBX timeslots 1-24description PBX Connection...

j.sillers by Contributor
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We have one long distance number that we are having issues with. If we dial it we get nothing but echo, i cant hear the person on the other end and the person on the other end can not hear me. I have tried this from several of our phones, same issue....